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PCN Verification and Examinations

The PCN (Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing) is an international scheme for the certification of NDT technicians and supervisors and meets BS EN ISO 9712 requirements.

View the BINDT website for the latest PCN updates.

Further to the below initial courses and examinations, we also offer the following examinations for existing NDT professionals in all methods (where applicable):

– Resit (Theory)
– Resit (Practical)
– Recertification

Refresher training is available to those seeking extra support before their examination in flexible half or full day options and available on request.

Applicable Courses and Examinations Available

The following courses offer ideal preparation for PCN certification routes.

Note: Welding inspection complies with the requirements of BINDT document WI/01

Examination booking

To arrange PCN examinations, please contact our Examination Centre staff, telephone: +44 (0)114 399 5720.

Levels of qualification

See BS EN ISO 9712 for a full description for levels of competence

Level 1

This level qualifies personnel to carry out NDT operations according to written instructions under the supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 qualified individual. A Level 1 qualified individual has demonstrated competence to:

  • set up equipment and carry out tests
  • record and classify the results in terms of written criteria

Level 2

This level qualifies personnel to perform and direct NDT according to established or recognised procedures and has demonstrated competence to:

  • Choose the technique for the test method used
  • Perform and supervise the test
  • Interpret, evaluate and report results according to applicable standards, codes or specifications
  • Define the limitations of the testing method for which the qualification covers
  • Understand and transform NDT standards and specifications into practical testing instructions adapted to the actual working conditions

Level 3

This level qualifies personnel to direct any NDT operation for which they are certificated and:

  • Assume full responsibility for a test facility and staff
  • Establish and/or validate NDT instructions or procedures
  • Interpret codes, standards, specifications and procedures
  • Designate the particular test methods, techniques and procedures to be used

Pre-examination requirements

Level 1 and Level 2: There are mandatory minimum pre-approval training requirements which are given in the PCN requirements documents. Pre-examination training courses must be validated by The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and need to cover the syllabus over a designated minimum number of hours. 

Documented in-house training may account for up to one third of the required training hours. The candidate also has to demonstrate practical experience in line with the requirements of PCN.

Level 3: The candidates have two access routes available which are shown in the PCN requirements documents. Both training and experience requirements depend upon academic background. Note: A mature candidate route is available.

Note: By holding other PCN qualifications, candidates may be eligible for exemptions. Following an examination, a results notice will be issued by the Examination Centre. The certificate will follow the results notice direct from PCN, subject to all experience criteria being met.