Special note

To be eligible for a PCN Level 3 Main Method certification a candidate must already hold a PCN Level 3 Basic certificate, if not they need to successfully complete the PCN Level 3 Basic examination prior to enrolling for any Level 3 Main Method examinations.

Candidates should ideally hold a PCN Level 2 approval (or other Level 2 certification to a qualifying body recognised and approved by PCN) in the same method/sector to which Level 3 certification is sought. As a minimum they shall have at least 3 years (36 months) documented experience in Ultrasonic Testing before attempting one of the Level 3 sector examinations (i.e. Welds, Castings or Wrought Product).

Refer to the latest edition of PCN/GEN for the minimum requirements for examinations.

These are ideal training courses for the PCN Level 3 Practitioner examination, covering general and specific theory.

  • PCN requirements for Level 3 approval
  • Complementary NDT methods
  • Quality assurance, quality control and supervision
  • Specifications/procedures and techniques
  • Analysis of UT reports
  • Advanced Ultrasonic theory and revision
  • Analysis of procedures
  • Procedure writing
  • Mock examinations

Validated by BINDT and recognised by PCN

An individual certified to Ultrasonic Testing Level 3 has demonstrated competence to perform and direct Ultrasonic Testing operators for which he is certified. Ultrasonic Testing Level 3 personnel have demonstrated:

  • The competence to evaluate and interpret results in terms of existing standards, codes, and specifications
  • Sufficient practical knowledge of applicable materials, fabrication, process, and product technology to select Ultrasonic Testing methods, establish Ultrasonic Testing techniques and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where non are otherwise available
  • A general familiarity with other NDT methods

Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Ultrasonic Testing Level 3 personnel may be authorised to:

  • Assume full responsibility for the test facility or examination centre and staff
  • Establish, review for editorial and technical correctness and validate Ultrasonic Testing instructions and procedures
  • Interpret codes, standards, specifications and procedures
  • Designate the particular Ultrasonic test methods, techniques and procedures to be used
  • Within the scope and limitations of any certification held, carry out all tasks at all levels
  • Provide guidance for Ultrasonic Testing personnel at all levels

Level 3 certified personnel may be authorised to carry out, manage and supervise PCN qualification examinations on behalf of the British Institute of NDT (BINDT).

Where Level 3 duties require the individual to apply routine NDT by a method or methods within a particular product or industry sector, BINDT strongly recommends that the industry demand that this person should hold and maintain Level 2 certification in the applicable method(s) and sector(s).

The range and scope of PCN certification available at each level is defined in the relevant appendix to these general requirements.

The candidate shall fulfil the minimum requirements of vision and training prior to the qualification examination and shall fulfil the minimum requirements for industrial experience prior to certification:

Ultrasonic Testing Level 3
Minimum of 40 training hours (+80 hrs for Level 3 Basic (Subject to possible reductions)) and 36 months documented experience.

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