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Online Learning

Penetrant Testing Level 2 Online Learning

Unlike traditional training where students visit our Sheffield Training Centre for both theory and practical tuition, students have the option to take our courses with the theory element delivered remotely.

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PCN Level 3 Basic Online

This is a guidance course aimed at the PCN Level 3 requirements for NDT practitioners to prepare them for the Level 3 Basic examination. The main objective of the course is to make candidates fully aware of the scope of the examination and level of knowledge required, while also identifying their weak subject areas.

1 Course Available

PCN Level 3 Main Method

Level 3 Main Method training, is available to guide and prepare candidates wishing to attempt a PCN level 3 main method examination In such methods as MT, PT, UT, VT and Radiography and these may be sector specific. As part of the course, students will undertake tuition for the chosen method in the general theory of the method, the use of Standards and Specifications, and the creation or preparation of NDT procedures. Feedback is offered by one of our experienced level 3 experts.

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Product Technology

With an increasing range of products that now require inspection, a basic knowledge of processes (welding, casting and forging), and associated metallurgy, is a necessity for the inspection technician/engineer. The syllabus for this course has been devised to provide detail of all key subject areas which could be included in PCN or ASNT examinations. Anyone requiring knowledge of product technology will benefit from this course.

1 Course Available

Online Refresher Courses PCN

Our refresher courses have been developed to support any operators due to recertify, that require a little “Freshen Up” on the chosen method, Prior to undertaking examinations. The courses have been tailored to support the reduction of a knowledge gap, for operators whose theoretical knowledge may need refreshing.

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