Radiographic Interpretation (RI) Level 2

Special note

Candidates attempting a PCN examination must meet the PCN/GEN requirements. If attempting an ASNT/EN4179/NAS410 examination the requirements of your company’s written practice must be met. This course is not suitable for BGAS-CSWIP examination preparation.

  • Properties and production of X-ray and gamma rays
  • The formation of a latent image
  • Radiographic film
  • Identification of weld and/or casting types and defects
  • Assessment and measurement of radiographic quality
  • Sentencing to specifications
  • Image quality
  • Radiographic techniques
  • Weld technology
  • Interpretation of radiographs
  • Specifications

Validated by BINDT and recognised by PCN

This course meets the PCN criteria of 56 hours with the additional 2-day self-study package (16 hours)

(excl. VAT)

Training course: £901
Examination: £342
PCN Levy: £84
PCN PED Levy: £45
Total: £1,372