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Computerised Radiographic Testing (CRT) Level 2

Special note

Candidates must hold BRS and Conventional Radiographic Testing depending on the sector sought.

The syllabus includes hands-on training in the use of gamma and X-ray radiographic techniques and the processing/manipulation of photostimulable phosphor plates. The course is ideal for candidates wishing to be certified in Computed Radiography, in either PCN, ASNT or EN 4179/NAS 410 to a company written practice.

The course is available in the following sectors: welds, castings, profile/tangential (in-service inspection of sectional loss).

Additional course content to Level 1:

  • Digital imaging plates
  • Imaging plate scanners
  • Image format
  • IQI sensitivity
  • Basic spatial resolution
  • Factors affecting image resolution
  • Signal to noise ratio
  • Compensation principles
  • Grey values
  • Pixel size and spatial resolution
  • Modular Transfer Function
  • System classes in imaging plates
  • Application of Computed Radiography
  • Specifications and procedures
  • Software image manipulation techniques

Validated by BINDT and recognised by PCN

(excl. VAT)

Training course: £1,544
Examination: £531
PCN Levy: £88
PCN PED Levy: £47
Total: £2,210

Note: Prices are correct at time of issue but may be subject to change, with the exception of confirmed bookings.