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Ultrasonic Testing Nozzle (3.8)/Nodes (3.9)/”T” Sections (3.7)

Special note

Candidates attempting a PCN examination must meet the PCN/GEN requirements. If attempting an ASNT/EN4179/NAS410 examination the requirements of your company’s written practice must be met. This course is not suitable for BGAS-CSWIP examination preperation.

Practical Testing of:

  • Nozzles
  • Nodes
  • Set in preparations
  • Set through preparations
  • Set on preparations
  • Both Part & Full penetration welds

Full PCN certification is only achieved when an existing Level 2 Welds certification is held and upon successful passing of the examination.

We recommend 32 training hours before taking this examination.

An individual certified to Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT according to NDT procedures. Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 2 personnel may be authorised by the employer to:

  • Select the Ultrasonic Testing technique for the test method to be used
  • Define the limitations of application of the testing method
  • Translate Ultrasonic Testing codes, standards, specifications and procedures into Ultrasonic Testing instructions adapted to the actual working conditions
  • Set up and verify Ultrasonic Testing equipment settings
  • Perform and supervise Ultrasonic tests
  • Interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards, codes, specifications or procedures
  • Prepare written Ultrasonic Testing instructions
  • Carry out and supervise all tasks at or below Level 2
  • Provide guidance for personnel at or below Level 2
  • Report the results of Ultrasonic tests.

  • Scientific calculator
  • Overalls/Lab coat
  • Safety boots are mandatory in practical areas
  • PCN Candidates: PCN wallet card or other form of photographic identification
  • Pin Profile Gauge (Where possible)

One category

Training course: £459 (2 days)
Examination: £115 (1 day)
PCN Levy: £88
PCN PED Admin Charge: £47
Total: £709


Two categories

Training course: £918 (4 days)
Examination: £212 (2 days)
PCN Levy: £88
PCN PED Admin Charge: £47
Total: £1,265


Three categories

Training course: £1,148 (5 days)
Examination: £318 (2.5 day)
PCN Levy: £88
PCN PED Admin Charge: £47
Total: £1,600


Note: Prices are correct at time of issue but may be subject to change, with the exception of confirmed bookings.