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Supporting Earthmill Maintenance with their mission to bring ultrasonic testing services in-house. 

Posted on: September 28th, 2023
Categorised: Level 3 Services, NDT

In a strategic move to elevate their operations, Earthmill Maintenance Ltd and Natural Generatio (soon to be merged) welcomed Nathan Bate, our experienced Level 3 Consultant, to provide bespoke training on the fundamentals or Ultrasonic Testing (UT) to technicians at their facilities in Harrogate, UK.  

The on-site training, tailored to Earthmill’s unique requirements, marked a significant step towards bringing their Ultrasonic Testing services in-house, reducing their dependency on external contractors. With the recent acquisition of Sonatest Wave units to facilitate their transition toward in-house Ultrasonic Testing (UT) practices, Earthmill required training for their staff on how to operate these advanced tools. 

A leading provider of wind turbine services and maintenance solutions, and specialising in renewable energy, Earthmill Maintenance offer a range of services aimed at optimising the performance and longevity of wind energy systems. 

Insourcing NDT Services for Efficiency 

Specialising in in-service inspection of wind turbine gearbox shafts while they remain in situ, Earthmill recognised the value of owning their NDT capabilities: a shift from outsourcing to insourcing NDT services would help them to improve efficiencies, be more cost-effective, and help them maintain higher standards of quality and consistency.  

As a Level 3 Consultant with specialist knowledge of UT and its applications, Nathan Bate provided technical staff at Earthmill invaluable insights into conducting inspections using ultrasonic testing techniques.

The training covered: 

  • Basic concepts 
  • Operating Sonatest Wave units 
  • Nature of sound 
  • Relevant formulae 
  • Wave propagation 
  • Types of display 
  • Operation of flaw detectors 
  • Probes 
  • Couplants 
  • Defect location and sizing methods 
  • Use of plotting systems 

Benefits of In-House UT Services 

Bringing Ultrasonic Testing (UT) services in-house empowers Earthmill with cost-efficient inspections, reduced downtime, and enhanced operational control. Internal UT fosters expertise, saving costs by eliminating external contractors. Swift responses times to technical challenges, streamlined processes, and data security are ensured.  

Earthmill’s commitment to sustainability aligns with optimised wind turbine performance and prolonged lifespans. Knowledge retention benefits long-term stability, while in-house control adapts testing to operational needs. UT proficiency translates to minimised risks, lower expenses, and a skilled workforce. This strategic move reinforces Earthmill’s position in advancing renewable energy while ensuring efficient, secure, and sustainable growth. 

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