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Meet the Team: Introducing Our NDT Apprentice, Joseph Thompson 

Posted on: April 22nd, 2024
Categorised: NDT, Staff

Joseph Thompson joined our team as an NDT Apprentice in January 2024. Prior to this role, Joseph pursued studies in aerospace engineering, however, his inclination towards hands-on learning led him to explore apprenticeships. His interest with the NDT industry was sparked by a discussion on utilising NDT for carbon fibre, underscoring its pivotal role in ensuring safety across diverse sectors.


As an NDT Apprentice, Joseph assumes a central role in ensuring equipment readiness, setting up practical rooms, and providing assistance during courses and examinations. He believes his understanding of industry practices by shadowing Level 3 Consultants on site visits, enriching his professional insight. 

Learning and Development 

Joseph’s journey so far has been characterised by his eagerness to delve into various NDT methods and their theoretical foundations. While he acknowledges the challenges of mastering ultrasonic testing (UT), Joseph remains resolute in his pursuit. He harbours a particular interest in Carbon Fibre and composite testing, acknowledging the importance of evolving standards and practices within this domain. In the long term, Joseph aspires to attain comprehensive proficiency in various NDT methods, aiming to achieve Level 2 certifications in MT, PT, and UT. 

Joseph’s development has been influenced by collaborative efforts with experienced tutors,  valuing the supportive atmosphere and the wealth of knowledge shared within the team. 

Joseph learning Magnetic Particle Inspection with NDT Trainer Tony Stubbs. 

Outside of Work 

Beyond his professional endeavours, Joseph finds solace in cycling and indulges in various creative acitivies such as pottery, painting, costume making, and woodworking. His passion for exploring diverse practical skills underscores his multifaceted interests and experiences. 

Advice for Aspiring NDT Professionals 

Joseph advocates for curiosity among aspiring NDT professionals, stressing the importance of inquisitiveness and seeking diverse learning opportunities. He emphasises the value of hands-on practice and peer learning, recognising the wealth of knowledge that can be derived from varied perspectives. 

Importance of attracting younger individuals to the NDT industry: 

  • Addressing workforce aging: The industry is struggling with a skills gap due to an aging workforce, necessitating the recruitment of younger professionals to ensure continuity. 
  • Driving innovation: Younger generations bring fresh perspectives and technological adeptness, catalysing innovation and advancing testing methodologies. 
  • Meeting industry demands: With sectors expanding, there is a growing demand for specialised NDT skills, which younger talent can readily fulfil. 
  • Promoting diversity: Encouraging younger individuals from diverse backgrounds fosters creativity and inclusion, enhancing industry effectiveness. 
  • Sustaining growth: A proficient workforce ensures infrastructure integrity, contributing to economic growth and mitigating risks associated with asset failure. 

As we look towards the future, it is clear that nurturing a new generation of skilled NDT professionals is essential for ensuring the industry’s longevity and relevance in safeguarding critical infrastructure and enhancing safety across various sectors.  

Through mentorship, professional development opportunities, and a supportive environment, we can empower young talents like Joseph to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the continued advancement of the NDT industry.