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New Advanced Ultrasonic NDT Training Course Available

Posted on: April 23rd, 2018
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IMechE Engineering Training Solutions are launching a new Critical Defect Sizing course using Ultrasonic Phased Array, delivered at the Engineering Training Centre in Sheffield, UK with courses dates set to be available from Autumn 2018. 

The course will be of interest to those working in the power generation industries such as Oil and Gas and Nuclear as well as engineers who are responsible for testing pressure vessels, pipework and heavy industrial welds. This will also help organisations comply with BS EN 7910 safety assessments for In-Service Inspection as well being a key technology for Non-Invasive Inspection.

Successful completion of the course and examination will provide technicians with the certified ability to design inspections, analyse data with a defect size reporting criteria and give them a proven ability to size defects to a tolerance level corresponding to the structural integrity standard BS EN 7910.

  • Design of Phased Array inspection procedures which enable defect sizing to be performed.
  • Design of focal laws to generate appropriate focused Phased Array techniques for defect sizing.
  • Discussion of relevant normative documentation including BS and EN standards.
  • Design of appropriate inspection scanning sensitivity for defect sizing.
  • Discussion and practical training in echo-dynamic patterns and how to use them appropriately for defect sizing.
  • Practical defect sizing on a variety of weldments
  • Calculation of beam widths and data collection resolution.

An employer based certification will be available that conforms to the SNT-TC-1A standard. 

Developed alongside renowned advanced UT and NDT specialist Colin Bird, the course will be delivered at our Engineering Training Centre in Sheffield, UK.

With over 35 years of experience within NDT, Colin has held various roles within industry working mainly within the nuclear industry. Since 1996 he has specialised in design and application of specialised phased array applications. Colin created the first Phased Array training examination in Phased Array application in 1997 for Critical Defect Sizing. This was then adapted to the current Level 2 and 3 Phased Array courses. 

Colin sat on the CSWIP examination body for three years and was part of the IIW committee Phased Array and was one of the editors of the first Phased Array textbooks. He is on the structural integrity standard committee BS EN 7910 annex T using NDT results for structural integrity.

Colin has taught Phased Array technology around the world for 20 years and has now joined the IMechE ETS team in a training and consultancy capacity.

For more information about the course and to register your interest, contact IMechE Engineering Training Solutions on +44 (0)114 399 5720 or email