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Maria & Aurelia give a student insight into their ICorr experience

Posted on: May 6th, 2021
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Today we’d like to share some student feedback from a recent ICorr Painting Inspector Level 1 course. After popping into the class to take the photos below, we managed to spend 5 minutes with two of the students and hear their thoughts on the class.

How is the course and are you enjoying it?

Maria :
Yes, the course is good and well delivered, it is good for me as it is what my job is all about.

Aurelia :
Yes I am really enjoying the course, the tutor clearly explains everything and ensure that we all understand. I think that even if someone had no knowledge of the subject Richard would be able to make them understand it well.

What are your thoughts on the course, the training material and the trainer?

Maria :
The course is very good, it is easy to follow and is explained in a way that makes it easy to understand. Our tutor encourages us all, and we feel involved in the course and class discussions. Richard is a very good trainer.

Aurelia :
It is all very good, it is giving me a better understanding of paint and rust and corrosion, not just for my work, but all around, at home, in the world, and how we now have so many metal structures and painted structures that will need inspection and this course will help me to work on these.

The course materials and the trainer’s explanations together are very good for and give me a clear understanding of the course subject matter.

How would you rate your experience here at IAR, on a scale of 1-10?

Maria :
I would give it an 8/10 as everything is very good.

Aurelia :
10/10 Richard is a very good trainer and explains everything very well.

What do you like about working in this industry, and how will the course help you?

Maria :
The course will give me the knowledge to progress in my industry, which is the energy industry. It is helping to open my experience in the area and widen my horizons in the field.

Aurelia :
I am good at maths and got into the construction industry because I am a practical person, I like to fix things and make things better. This course will be a big help to me in my work and career as much of my work is about metal structures and paint coatings.

We’d like to thank Maria and Aurelia for giving us this great feedback and look forward to seeing them again on a future course.

Pictured below : Aurelia (left) and Maria (right).

If you would like to take the same course follow this link to learn more :