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Investing in Student Learning Experience

Posted on: March 17th, 2022
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IMechE Argyll Ruane have invested in a fleet of Sonatest Veo3 units for the delivery of Phased Array courses at their training facilities in Sheffield and IMechE Fife NDT, Dunfermline.

Having previously invested in Sonatest Wave UT units last autumn, this new investment in Sonatest’s leading phased array instrument will provide students with greater equipment choice and the opportunity to learn Advanced Ultrasonic Testing on the latest technology.

“The student learning experience is our number one priority.  With technology rapidly advancing, we believe it is important to give students the opportunity to learn on the latest equipment in the field”, said IAR Training Manager Dean Wagstaff.

This month, Advanced UT Trainer Jordan Wood taught what is believed to be the first PCN Phased Array course in the UK to students using the Sonatest Veo3. Students learned the theoretical aspects of phased array, how to setup and calibrate the equipment, the impact of changing parameters, and how to acquire and analyse data.

Jordan teaching a PCN Phased Array course on Veo3.

The ease of navigation through the menus on the Veo3 enabled a quick set up. This, in addition to the data throughput and computational capacity meant that students could scan samples quickly and accurately, allowing more practise time for testing samples.

Understanding the theoretical concepts of phased array can be a tricky area for many students. However, the UT studio+ software complimented Jordan’s explanations as it allowed students to visualise focal law delay patterns, helping them to better understand and retain the information learnt.

We want students to feel confident in locating and sizing defects accurately and be able to competently apply the knowledge learnt in the classroom to testing in real life situations out in the field,” said Jordan Wood, Advanced UT Trainer at IMechE Argyll Ruane.

IMechE Argyll Ruane’s next PCN Phased Array training course will run 9 – 26 May in Sheffield.

If you would like to know more or book an Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Training course, please contact the team:

T: +44 114 399 5720
T: +44 1383 669004