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Level 3 NDT Operator

This apprenticeship is for an NDT Engineering Technician. His or her role will involve technical supervisory responsibility of NDT Operators and other junior staff within the organisation.

Occupational profile

NDT uses various methods, such as ultrasonics, radiography and infrared thermography, to detect cracks and other imperfections in manufactured components, including those that have been in service for a period of time.

The results of inspections are taken at face value and, therefore, specialists rely on NDT accuracy when deciding whether to operate, repair or replace a component. The importance of the role of the NDT Engineering Technician cannot, therefore, be overstated.

The NDT Engineering Technician will be able to work in specific industries, such as aerospace, motorsport, power generation and distribution, manufacturing, railways, oil & gas (on- and offshore), marine and construction. Real-life examples could include inspecting airframes and engines, Formula 1 gearboxes and nuclear reactors or other safety-critical components.

The NDT Engineering Technician will oversee, validate and audit by reinspection the work of NDT Operators, and manage projects and specific areas of work.

He or she will hold three NDT certificates (mapped to engineering registration at the EngTech level) and will have transferable skills that will include a broad knowledge of engineering principles and manufacturing processes.

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