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Lauren Dearing

Exams Administrative Assistant / Invigilator

Meet Lauren Dearing, our Exams Administrative Assistant and Invigilator. With a focus on processing results notices for PCN and ICORR Examinations, Lauren ensures a smooth and efficient examination process for candidates both on and off-site, spanning worldwide locations.

In her role as an invigilator, Lauren employs various methods to create a comfortable and informed environment for candidates. Her goal is to instill a sense of relaxation in candidates before, during, and after their examinations. Despite being relatively new to the industry, Lauren is steadily expanding her knowledge under the guidance of our highly experienced NDT Examiners, Level 3 consultants, and NDT Trainers, who share their expertise with her.

Passionate about fostering inclusivity in the workplace, Lauren actively contributes to creating a diverse and supportive atmosphere. She brings forth a wealth of ideas to enhance the overall experience for candidates on our site and globally.

As Lauren continues to thrive in her role, she remains dedicated to contributing to the success and growth of our examination processes while making a positive impact on the working environment.


Favourite food: My mothers own Cottage Pie, Elite!

Favourite film, TV or book: Horror/Mystery.

Favourite holiday: Staying in a cottage in Somerset, Devon.


A-Level Art, Psychology and Sociology
Previous Mental Health Professional
NDT Appreciation
ICORR approved Invigilator
PCN approved Invigilator
Trained Fire Warden