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Weld Inspection training courses

We offer PCN Weld Inspection courses up to Level 3 that conform to internationally recognised standards

What is Weld Inspection?

It is not a requirement for a welding inspector to be able to weld, neither does a welding inspector require an in depth knowledge of welding engineering, although some specific knowledge in these areas is essential.  For certain contracts it is also necessary for a welding inspector to have a good working knowledge of other related subjects, e.g.  radiographic interpretation and post-heat treatment.

The presence of welding inspectors during welding will almost certainly reduce the number of weld defects and metallurgical problems which could otherwise occur, which will in turn, reduce the overall number of failures in service.  When an item has failed, it usually means that cracking or fracture has taken place.

There are many types of cracks associated with welds, some of which may initiate at the time of welding (process cracks) or years later (in-service cracks).  In both these cases, stresses, metallurgical problems and existing weld defects may have contributed to the cause of the cracking.

The main duty of a welding inspector is to ensure that all the welding and associated actions are carried out in accordance with the welding specification(s) relevant to the contract or work being carried out. It is important for a welding inspector to know where to find relevant information, interpret the information and understand it.

Courses available

IMechE Argyll Ruane offer Weld Inspection NDT training courses in Levels 1, 2 and 3 in a range of central and employer specific internationally recognised standards such as PCN (BS EN ISO 9712), SNT-TC-1A, EN4179 and NAS410.

We are also able to offer refresher training to those students that are looking to re-certify, providing training on any theory or practical areas that may need to be revisited before sitting their examination.

Courses are delivered at the Engineering Training Centre in Sheffield, UK but can also be completed on-site at an organisation's premises or third party location depending on each individual circumstance.

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NDT Examinations:

A full range of examinations are available to internationally recognised central and employer based schemes including PCN, SNT-TC-1A, EN4179 and NAS410.

Full initial, resit and recertification options are available depending on your requirements. Click here for more information >


  •  Scientific calculator
     Overalls/Lab coat
     Safety boots (we do have a small number available if required)
     PCN Candidates: PCN wallet card or other form of photographic identification

Meet the trainer

Alec Smith - Trainer and Examiner

Alec Smith 

With over 40 years experience in NDT, Alec is a well known and respected leader in radiography and weld inspection having worked as a Level 3 for organisations such as Applus RTD Ltd and NASA.


PCN Level 2: Radiography, Radiation Protection Supervisor, Weld Inspection
PCN Level 3: Radiography, Computed Radiography, Weld Inspection
ASNT Level 3: Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing

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'Course was very informative and gained a vast amount of knowledge of different weld defects and the course material helped understand terminology'

Chris attended Weld Inspection Level 1 in Sheffield, September 2017

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