Ultrasonic Testing - An Introduction

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Ultrasonic Testing: An Introduction


Training course: 5 days


Theory and practical training course



Why attend this course?

A highly practical course with relevant theoretical background enabling students to achieve a basic understanding of ultrasonic inspection. On completion of the course candidates will be able to calibrate a flaw detector with both compression and shear wave probes, record accurate thickness measurements and locate and size lamination in steel plate. In addition, students will be able to select the correct compression/shear wave probes for the examination of welded butt joints, locate and size defects and finally produce acceptable reports.

This course can be used in preparation for a PCN examination in Ultrasonic Testing but we would advise that candidates undertake further training relating to the specific sector they wish to certify in such as welds, forgings and castings.


Course content

  • Basic concepts
  • Nature of sound
  • Relevant formulae
  • Wave propagation
  • Types of display
  • Operation of flaw detectors
  • Probes
  • Couplants
  • Defect location and sizing methods
  • Relevant BS and EN standards
  • Use of plotting systems
  • Reporting methods
  • Welding, casting and forging methods (background knowledge)
  • Defects associated with the above processes.

Special note:

Candidates attempting a PCN examination must meet the PCN/GEN requirements. If attempting an ASNT/EN4179/NAS410 examination the requirements of your company’s written practice must be met. This course is not suitable for BGAS-CSWIP examination preperation.


"One of the most informative, professional courses I have attended in my career. A truly world class training facility. 10/10"

John attended Ultrasonic Testing in Sheffield, February 2017

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Training course: £895

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Meet the trainer

Jordan Wood - Trainer

 Jordan Wood

Jordan is a key member of the UT training suite having experience across standard and advanced methods during his 7 years experience from working in the offshore/onshore oil and gas, fabrication, structural and pipeline industries. Having joined IMechE Argyll Ruane originally in 2011 and then again in 2018 after a further 5 years in the field, Jordan is able to pass on a wealth of real world industry experience to his students.


PCN Level 2: Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, TOFD, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing

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Meet the trainer

Craig Hobson - Examinations Manager

Craig Hobson NDT Trainer 

Craig has extensive teaching experience having worked for IMechE Argyll Ruane in multiple stages of the organisation's history, most recently re-joining in 2017 having gained experience in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Craig is responsible for standard UT training as well as being able to teach MT and PT.


PCN Level 3: Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing
ASNT Level 3: Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing

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