Painting Inspector Courses (ICorr)

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Painting Inspector Courses (ICorr)

IMechE Argyll Ruane are the approved training provider of the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) and offer Painting Inspector courses in Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Internationally accredited and recognised, these courses will prepare students to succeed and develop within the coatings industry.

What is Painting Inspection?

On large painting projects when premature failure of the protective treatment occurs a great deal of money can be lost. Not only will the cost of remedial works have to be met but there will probably be additional losses in respect of project delays and also loss of planned productivity due to the lateness of the project coming on stream.

Increasingly, it is becoming apparent to those responsible for the success of large scale protective treatment projects such as the painting of ships, pipelines, bridgeworks, tankage and plant structures that some form of quality monitoring by them of the workmanship of the painting contractor, throughout both surface preparation and  paint  application may well be economic in the longer term.

Painting Inspection is the checking of the quality of the workmanship of the painting contractor and the materials used by them in compliance with the project specification, i.e., the work that they are contracted to fulfil. In essence, it consists of gauging, measuring, monitoring and testing the work produced by the contractor for complying with the requirements of the project. 

Painting inspectors are usually employed by Project Management independent of the painting contractor and report to their employers.            

As the approved training provider for the Institute of Corrosion, these courses are designed to instil and develop the knowledge and skill of the candidate inspector in all the day-to-day tasks facing the Painting Inspector throughout a range of industries from sub-sea to aerospace. The content of the courses is largely theoretical but involves hands on experience with relevant inspection equipment.

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