Cathodic Protection Concrete ISO - Level 2 Technician

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Cathodic Protection Concrete ISO - Level 2 Technician


Training course: 4 days
Examination: 1 day


Theory and practical training course and examination



Why attend this course?

The course and examination are in compliance with ISO 15257:2017 and is suitable for candidates with or without experience in cathodic protection, but note that full certification to this level requires a minimum duration of one year’s approved experience. The course is also suitable for those who merely require an appreciation of the protection of reinforced concrete structures without pursuing certification.

Course content

The following topics are relevant to this application sector:

  • CP general principles;
  • CP measurement techniques;
  • specific applications of steel in concrete;
  • other electrochemical techniques that are also aimed at mitigating corrosion of steel embedded in concrete, such as electrochemical re-alkalization and chloride extraction treatments for reinforced concrete.

 This application sector includes, for example, the following:

  • atmospherically exposed steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete, onshore structures (bridges, walls, piles, buildings etc.);
  • buried steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures (pipelines, tunnels, foundations, etc.);
  • steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures immersed in fresh water (pipe lines, foundations, swimming-pools, water tanks);
  • steel-reinforced (both post-tensioned and pre-stressed) concrete structures immersed in seawater (harbour facilities, piers, jetties, offshore platforms).

The topics of this course are fully set out and described in ISO 15257 Clause 6. The rules governing training, examination and certification are set out in ICorr QPD..

Approved by the Institute of Corrosion (UK) and by the Corrosion Prevention Association.

(excl. VAT)

Training course: £1,250
Examination: £475

Total: £1,725

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CP Reinforced Concrete Level 2 training course and exam

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