Harvish Technical Services (HTS Coatings)

Harvish Technical Services / HTS Coatings delivers practical training for industrial surface preparation and coating operatives in India. It incorporates up to date practices and use of current coating materials.

HTS Coatings have collaborated with ImechE Argyll Ruane to offer ICorr training courses and certification 

HTS Coatings offers: 

  • ICorr Insulation Level 2 
  • ICorr Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Level 2 courses 

Upcoming courses are scheduled as below: 

ICorr Insulation Level 2  ICorr PFP Level 2 
16 – 18 Dec 2021  19 – 22 Dec 2021 

Website:  www.icorr-training.com

Click here to download a copy of the course dates.