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The IMechE Insight – Jordan Wood Q&A

Posted on: August 23rd, 2019
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Q) What is your role at IMechE Argyll Ruane?

A) NDT Trainer specialising in UT, Phased Array and TOFD

Q) What did you do before you became a trainer?

A) Advanced NDT Technician for offshore/onshore projects including phased array, TOFD, AUT, guided wave and conventional UT.  

Q) What do you think is the next big thing in Advanced UT?

A) There’s obviously quite a lot of talk about FMC/TFM at the moment and I think that could play a major part in the inspections of the future especially once more industries have adopted it and it’s included in inspection codes/standards. Personally though I would like to see where virtual/augmented reality could take NDT, for example having head up displays in safety glasses so that technicians can scan a part with the screen directly in front of their eyes, making rope access inspections easier!

Q) What can we offer here at IMechE Argyll Ruane that you can’t find elsewhere?

A) I’ve noticed that some training schools only offer phased array in welds whereas at Argyll Ruane we offer phased array in general category meaning that people can become qualified in welds, castings and forgings. This is especially important as a lot of phased array jobs in industry are focussed on inspecting bolts and pins for example knuckle/boom pins on cranes. To carry out this kind of inspection technicians should ideally be qualified in forgings and not just welds.

Q) Finally tell us one thing that your students wouldn’t know about you?

A) I’ve got a passion for all things finance (although a lot of my friends and colleagues in industry would probably already know this) so if I can give someone a piece of advice that might save/make them money then I’m happy (I am a Yorkshireman afterall!).