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The Benefits Of Blended Learning

Posted on: April 29th, 2020
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Blended Learning From May 11th

Unlike traditional training where students visit our Sheffield Training Centre for both theory and practical tuition, from May 11th students have the option to take our Level 2 PT course with the theory element delivered remotely.

Theory training is accessed by remotely logging onto our bespoke learning platform from any location, at any time. Training is delivered via a combination of videos, interactive content, reading material, quizzes and course assessment tests, with tutors available to give assistance.

Once the theory course is completed, students visit the Sheffield Training Centre for practical training and the exam. This is a particularly attractive solution where time is a premium and brings the additional benefit of a real world cost saving on travel expenses, accommodation and saved time away from work. Let’s have a quick look at a comparison between the two options.

Blended learning gives you the chance to learn the theory element of PCN courses remotely through both audio and visual learning techniques. Our step by step interactive learning tools, demonstrative videos and practice tests cover all the material required by BINDT to pass your exam.  

This brings you multiple Key Benefits.

  • Stress-free learning environment
  • Learn in your own time and at your own pace
  • Less time out of work
  • Save on accommodation costs
  • Save on transport costs

Our first course is Level 2 PT and other courses will be available shortly. Course duration varies by method. Rest assured, our standard courses are still available, so you can choose the style of learning that suits you best.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blended learning courses.