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Team Growth | Level 3 Insider

Posted on: February 13th, 2020
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The level 3 team have a pretty busy month coming up, supporting various clients with: NADCAP audits, re-certification exams, as well as undertaking some personal development to allow for greater client support moving forward.

Our composites experts will be attending the first meeting of a new composite committee, and we’ve even got our Outside Agency audit thrown in for good measure!

“Stew Dinsdale, brings a wealth of Aerospace NDT experience with him”

The newest member of the team, Stew Dinsdale, brings a wealth of Aerospace NDT experience with him. Not to bang on, but Transient Acoustic Propagation (TAP) testing is one of the many new courses we are in the process of developing.

In summary, we’ve got some exciting work planned this year which we look forward to sharing with you in this new monthly Level 3 services insider.