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Nigel Peterson-White


Since 2014 Nigel has been supporting IAR staff and tutors, grading examinations from UK and overseas and revision of training and examination materials. 

Nigel has 41 years in pretreatment, application and inspection of industrial coatings, architectural powder coatings, passive fire protection and hot dip galvanizing for the railway, aerospace, streetscene and oil, gas and chemical industries. 


How did you first hear about the Coatings & Corrosion industry? 

Back in the distant realms of time there was a requirement in a specification for an ICorr level 2 Paint Inspector, I joined a level 1 course at Argyll Ruane at the previous Rotherham facility and it all went from there.  


What do you enjoy about working in Coatings & Corrosion? 

The challenges of coating complex components with increasingly advanced coating systems. Sometimes its being like a detective in CSI when you are confronted with some coating faults and failures. Mentoring less experienced students to gain new skills and qualifications in industry. Every day is a school day and whatever your qualifications or experience we are always learning and it is good to be able to help others move their career forwards.  


The fun stuff!

Favourite food: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza…..did I say pizza ?? 

Favourite drink: Strong coffee 

Favourite film, TV or book: Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood. 

Favourite holiday: North east Sardinia 

Specialist subject: Tough one, I rather prefer to think that I know a bit about a lot of things rather than being a specialist ! 


FICorr: Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion

Qualified in all ICorr surface treatment and coatings inspection disciplines

Previous Professional member of OCCA, Oil and Colour Chemists Association.

Previous NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist