Kevin Graham

ICorr Consultant

Kevin Graham has over 40 years’ experience in the coating and corrosion industry for organisations including British Steel, Corus and Tata Steel. Kevin was responsible for conducting coatings development and performed coating and corrosion testing in the lab and in site trials. One of the many new coatings Kevin helped develop, and which is now widely used, was a thermal spray that is used to protect the web and foot of railway lines. 

Kevin has also been involved in: 

  • Corrosion testing of stainless steels  
  • Surface preparation and paint application to ferrous substrates  
  • Electrostatic powder coating for springs and pipe lines 
  • Maintenance painting and specification writing for steel works and chemical plants 
  • Strip coating and testing 
  • Process improvement 
  • Railway line corrosion investigation and protection with liquid paint and thermal sprayed metal coatings 
  • Corrosion failure investigation.