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New FMC, TFM, TFMi™ and related technologies course

Posted on: December 5th, 2022
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Advancements in technology are primarily used in safety critical applications where it is paramount to identify defects as early as possible, such as in the petrochemical, power generation and nuclear industries.

Advanced techniques are often used to gather as much information as possible about defects to better understand how a fault has occurred, re-engineer parts, or adapt processes to prevent future occurrences of a defect. As a training provider, it is important that our courses remain current and relevant to industry requirements.

Working in collaboration with Holloway NDT & Engineering, IMechE Argyll Ruane has developed a course to provide an overview of the theory and practical use of Full Matrix Capture (FMC), Total Focusing method (TFM), Intermodal Total Focussing Method (TFMi™) and other related technological advancements associated with the Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) technique.

NDT Trainer Jordan Wood has led the development of the course and successfully ran a pilot course in October 2022 ready for the 2023 launch date to the public.

Trainer Jordan Wood developing the course material.  

“Ultrasonic inspection technology is progressing at a fast rate, giving many useful new diagnostic techniques that enable previously undetectable defects to be discovered. They also enable more accurate defect sizing and more realistic defect visualisation. Correct use of the newer techniques often requires a thorough understanding of the data processing being performed on the instrument. By working directly with researchers developing the techniques, we are able to offer thorough training that enables industry to confidently utilise these often-complex innovations,” says Chris Kirby, General Manager, IMechE Argyll Ruane.

Intermodal TFM (TFM scan image of a Toe Crack defect in a 24mm thick weld imaged on a Sonatest Veo3. 

How this course can help you 

Students will gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using the different techniques when compared with PAUT and be shown examples of suitable applications to enable them to make informed choices on which technique to use.

Using Sonatest’s latest Veo3 instrument and UTstudio+ software, students will be shown how to set up the equipment to collect and analyse data from a variety of defective test pieces.
The course is suitable for individuals who have knowledge and experience of Phased Array and Ultrasonic inspection techniques, such as Phased Array and Ultrasonic Technicians, Technical Managers, and Engineers.

To reserve your place on the first course, 07 – 10 March 2023, please contact our customer services team:
+44 114 399 5720