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Level 3 Consultancy welcomes Stephen Thompson to the team

Posted on: February 15th, 2022
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Demand in Consultancy work has led to a recent investment in the development of a new Level 3 Consultant, Trainer and Examiner at IMechE Argyll Ruane.

We are excited to welcome Stephen Thompson to the Level 3 Services Consultancy team, who has over 12 years’ experience working in a range of roles within NDT, more specifically the aerospace sector.

Stephen began his journey in NDT working as a Junior Quality Engineer at a well-known foundry in Sheffield, undertaking a Level 2 and later a Level 3 Apprenticeship that provided the opportunity to work within different departments of the business, gaining a broad knowledge and understanding of the processes for heat treatment, moulding and castings; in addition to NDT inspection of casting components.

He also has experience as an NDT Training manager and Quality Manager, roles which involved leading a team of technicians, dealing with audits and quality processes, in addition to setting up a new NDT training facility and Quality Department.

Level 3 Consultancy Manager Bryan Ravenshear said:

“Stephen is an exciting recruit for the department. Although he’s not been with us that long, Stephen has already demonstrated clear traits of an NDT professional. We have no doubt that he will be an asset to our Level 3 Consultancy Team and we look forward to supporting him through his training and mentorship programme to become a Level 3 Consultant”.

Stephen has recently passed his NAS410 / EN4179 Level 3 Basic examination.

Stephen has experience with a multitude of methods, including Magnetic Testing, Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing and Immersion Ultrasonic Testing (PCN, SNT-TC-1A, EN4179/NAS410 certifications).

A 3-year development plan has been implemented to support Stephen with his progression to becoming a Level 3 consultant, which will include undertaking a series of Level 3 examinations and receiving mentorship from Level 3 consultants Bryan Ravenshear, Mick Mullins, Andy Fox, Phil Raw and Kristian Hampson to draw upon their wealth and knowledge.

We would like to wish Stephen all the best with his training to become a fully fledged Level 3 Consultant!

Stephen will be mentored by Level 3 Consultants Mick Mullins, Andy Fox, Phil Raw, Kristian Hampson & Bryan Ravenshear

If you have any queries about our Level 3 Consultancy Services, please contact:


T: +44 114 399 5720