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Institute of Industrial and Business Education & Training (IVEPE) is a non-profit educational organization, which was founded in 1980 by a group of big Greek industries, following an initiative of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Industries (SEV), with the purpose of providing vocational training and further education to employees and unemployed.

It constitutes the educational branch of SEV in the domain of Lifelong Learning and Training, thus reinforcing the role of SEV as a social partner. Since 2012, SEV has undertaken its institutional supervision and it now operates with the distinctive title IVEPE-SEV.

IVEPE-SEV collaborates with educational institutions and organizations of international prestige (BINDT, IASSC, Carmagen Eng., IMechE, CfPA and so forth), providing to those being trained internationally recognized services.

Through IVEPE-SEV's collaboration with the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, all professionals are able to get certified by any method and on any standard they want.


Courses available:

Method Level
Radiographic Testing (Basic Rad Safety only)
Ultrasonic Testing (Welds) 1, 2
Magnetic Particle Testing (Welds, Forgings, Castings, Aerospace) 2
Penetrant Testing (Welds, Forgings, Castings, Aerospace) 2
Visual Testing (Welds, Forgings, Castings) 1, 2
Weld Inspection

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