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IMechE Argyll Ruane announces new General Manager to lead era of growth

Posted on: May 18th, 2022
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Chris Kirby will be stepping down from his role as General Manager to take semi-retirement, allowing more time to focus on his consultancy business, pursue his hobbies and relax a little.

Chris has implemented a series of significant changes at IMechE Argyll Ruane (IAR) since joining as General Manager in 2018, which have contributed to its success in the Non-Destructive Testing and Coatings industry, including:  

  • Expanding its international network of strategic partnerships to twelve countries to offer ICorr and NDT services globally.
  • Opening a new facility – IMechE Fife NDT – in Dunfermline to deliver training and consultancy in Scotland
  • Creating a customer-centric culture
  • Improving the quality-of-service to such a high level that IAR and IMechE Fife NDT now offer a 100% money back guarantee on NDT training courses
  • Raising the global profile of services offered
  • Expanding the online course offering for ICorr and NDT training
  • Upgrading training course material, equipment, and facilities

Following a careful succession plan, IMechE Argyll Ruane are pleased to announce that its new General Manager will be Bryan Ravenshear.

General Manager, Chris Kirby said:

We have come a long way in the four years that I have been here, and I think we are all very proud of what we have achieved in that time. I have decided that it is time for me to go and do other things now, but I will be handing over to Bryan Ravenshear and I am confident Bryan is going to do a fantastic job taking us to the next level.”

Bryan and Chris chatting about the future of IMechE Argyll Ruane
Bryan and Chris chatting about the future of IMechE Argyll Ruane

Exciting times ahead

Bryan has over 17 years’ experience in Aerospace Engineering, compliance and quality control and has worked at IMechE Argyll Ruane for over six years in a variety of roles, most recently as Level 3 Services and Quality Manager, leading a team of Level 3 Consultants and supporting the maintenance of Quality Management Systems, in addition to ensuring training partners overseas are compliant with industry regulations.

Bryan will act as Deputy General Manager whilst gradually taking over responsibilities over the next 10 months, with Chris fully passing on the baton in March 2023.

Naturally there is a nervous excitement with taking on such a big role, but I am confident that I can take the success I have had over the years and really build on what Chris has done with the organisation, developing on the thirty-seven years of experience we have had, into the future,” said Bryan Ravenshear, Deputy General Manager.

IMechE Argyll Ruane are excited to move forward into this new era of growth and development.

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