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Protective Coating Inspector Level 3

Special note

It has been agreed by PDTC (ICorr) to add an experience assessment to all ICorr certifications for personnel engaged in painting and coating inspection. Full details of the changes can be provided on request.

This course is designed to prepare ICorr Level 2 Protective Coating Inspectors for the Level 3 examination. Quality assurance, specification analysis and procedure writing are the main aspects of a Level 3 training course. Corrosion and paint technology are two areas dealt with to a greater depth compared to Level 2.

A review of Level 2 subject matter is introduced on the first day of this course, however, if any candidates are aware that they are weak on Level 2 theory and practice, they should endeavour to revise or attend a Level 2 training course before attending a Level 3 course.

  • Quality documentation
  • Standards
  • Basic metallurgy
  • Corrosion mechanisms
  • Geomagnetically induced currents
  • Corrosion under insulation
  • Negative buoyancy coatings
  • Treatment of structural timbers
  • Tanking of concrete fabrications
  • Structural GRP composites
  • Leadership skills
  • Procedure writing
  • Report writing
  • Libel and slander

Approved by Institute of Corrosion (ICorr, UK)

Three years as a Level 2 inspector.

Level 2 certification required.

Training: £1,300
Examination: £435
Total: £1,735 (excl. VAT)