Protective Coating Inspector Level 2

Special note

It has been agreed by PDTC (ICorr) to add an experience assessment to all ICorr certifications for personnel engaged in painting and coating inspection. Full details of the changes can be provided on request.

Any information in the syllabus below, which is repeated from the Level 1 syllabus, is dealt with in greater depth and in some cases involves practical use of equipment, e.g. use of density cups, flow cups, contamination testing and using electromagnetic d.f.t. instruments with statistical capabilities.


  • QA, QC and inspection
  • Document control
  • Equipment control and calibration
  • Production of written instructions
  • Interpretation of normative documents
  • Corrosion
  • Control and testing of blasting abrasives
  • Contamination testing
  • Paint formulation
  • Coating systems
  • Paint manufacture
  • Paint/paint film testing
  • Hygrometers
  • Application of metal coatings
  • Coating faults
  • Paint colours – coding systems
  • Cathodic protection
  • IMO requirements


Two years as an inspector.

Level 1 certification required.

Check our 2022 course schedule here for available dates.


Batam, Indonesia
Partnering with the Indonesian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (IINDT), we are able to offer the Level 2 course from their facilities in Batam, Indonesia.

Contact the team at IINDT for upcoming course dates.


Tripoli, Libya
Partnering with Leptis Ltd, we are able to offer the Level 2 course from training facilities in Tripoli, Libya.

Contact the team at Leptis Ltd for upcoming course dates. 

UK Course costings

Training course: £1,086
Examination: £415
Total: £1,501

(excl. VAT)