Product Technology

Special note

This course is run for group or company bookings and not individuals.  It is designed to help personnel wishing to undertake the various PCN and ASNT qualifications where product technology/processes are now a key consideration.

  • Definition of metals
  • Explanation of elements and the periodic table
  • Extraction metallurgy – iron making
  • Production metallurgy – steel making
  • Hot working of metals – primary and secondary
  • Forging methods
  • Casting methods
  • Heat treatment
  • Definition of different steel types and associated structures
  • Basic welding techniques
  • Defects associated with welding, casting and forging

This course can now be studied online at your own time and convenience, click here for more information.

May be linked to Non-Destructive Testing: An Appreciation, to provide an introduction to PCN.

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