Painting Inspector

Painting Inspector ICorr Level 1

The course is suitable for candidates with or without experience in industrial painting or inspection. It will also be applicable to those who require knowledge of painting inspection but do not wish to take an examination.

Painting Inspector ICorr Level 2

Designed to prepare ICorr Level 1 Painting Inspectors for the Level 2 examination. Any information in the syllabus below, which is repeated from the Level 1 syllabus, is dealt with in greater depth and in some cases involves practical usage of equipment.

Painting Inspector ICorr Level 3

Designed to prepare ICorr Level 2 Painting Inspectors for the Level 3 examination. Quality assurance, specification analysis and procedure writing are the main aspects of a Level 3 training course. Corrosion and paint technology are two areas dealt with to a greater depth compared to Level 2.