Top reasons why you should be looking at Phased Array training

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Top reasons why you should be looking at Phased Array training

IMechE Argyll Ruane
October 16, 2018

16 October 2018

Phased Array for NDT professionals.

If you work in NDT here are the top reasons why you should be trained on Phased Array.

  1. It gives the user the ability to use multiple elements to steer, focus and scan beams with a single transducer assembly.
  2. High speed inspection capabilities using single-axis scans instead of conventional raster scan
  3. Sectorial scanning can be used for mapping components at appropriate angles this can simplify the inspection of components with complex geometry.
  4. It provides improved detection in austenitic materials and dissimilar metal (DM) welds.
  5. The ability to test welds with multiple angles increases the probability of detection.
  6. The small footprint of the transducer combined with the ability to sweep the beam without moving the probe aids in inspection where there is limited mechanical scanning access.
  7. Electronic focusing allows optimising the beam shape and size at the expected defect location, as well as further optimising probability of detection.
  8. Ability to focus at multiple depths improves the ability for sizing critical defects for volumetric inspections.
  9. Can significantly improve signal to noise ratio in challenging applications

Ultimately Phased Array provides you with greater flexibility and will save you significant time when it comes to inspection.

Here at Argyll Ruane we are fortunate that we have experienced trainers that can deliver this and a wide range of other training. These are Richard Horsfall, Andrew King, Mick Mullins and Jordan Wood.  We are running courses on a regular basis to book your place click here.



"One of the most informative, professional courses I have attended in my career. A truly world class training facility. 10/10"

John attended Ultrasonic Testing in Sheffield, February 2017

"I think your facility was very good. Much better than your competitors"

Paul attended Penetrant Testing Level 2 in Sheffield, March 2017

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