New Practical Test Pipe Installed to Support ICorr Training

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New Practical Test Pipe Installed to Support ICorr Training

Peter Croft
August 23, 2018

A new practical test pipe has recently been installed at the Engineering Training Centre in Sheffield to complement the ICorr Cathodic Protection: Buried Applications & Immersed Metallic Structures training course, helping to conform to the new ISO 15257 standard.

ICorr Pipe Installation

Paint has also been applied inconsistently to assist those studying on the Paint Inspector and Pipeline Coating Inspector courses to help identify a range of coating defects, paint degradation and possible causes in line with ISO 4618/BS 2015, ISO 4628, ISO 8501-3.

Students will now be able to get hands on experience using equipment such as Dewmeters, dry film thickness gauges, gloss meters, pinhole and holiday detectors, testing on a pipe that will simulate a real world environment.

Cathodic Protection Technician, Paint Inspector and Pipeline Coatings Inspector are run throughout the year, for more information about the courses, availability and to book, click here.

"One of the most informative, professional courses I have attended in my career. A truly world class training facility. 10/10"

John attended Ultrasonic Testing in Sheffield, February 2017

"I think your facility was very good. Much better than your competitors"

Paul attended Penetrant Testing Level 2 in Sheffield, March 2017

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